Sakina Di Pace is an acupuncturist, and- as you may have guessed- a facial cupping expert! When she first began working with facial cupping, she noticed immediate and significant benefits to her patients, and knew she must begin incorporating this ancient modality into more of her offerings. In 2020, Sakina was no longer able to meet with patients one-on-one due to lockdowns, thus inspiring her to bring this knowledge and expertise to the online world, offering videos and tools for people around the world who were interested in learning this unique practice from the safety + comfort of their own homes.

In this episode, Sakina shares the origins and history of facial cupping, as well as the myriad benefits this practice offers. If you're interested in learning more about improving your overall health, that of your delicate facial skin, and even the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and sagging- this is the episode for you!

Connect with Sakina and learn more about her offerings:

Instagram: @thefacialcuppingexpert


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Jennifer Holmes is the heart behind her family's growing Apiary and Café/Meadery, Hani Honey Company, in Stuart, Florida. Jennifer is a UFIFAS Master Beekeeper + Senior Welsh Honey Judge, current President of Florida State Beekeepers Association, and Chair of Slow Food Gold & Treasure Coast. She is an active speaker on many beekeeping topics, and travels worldwide to continue to learn and contribute positively to the Beekeeping Industry.

Although keeping bees is a main component of how Jennifer is received in her community, she is also deeply engaged in all of nature and enjoys producing various fermented products from locally foraged, locally grown foods, while tending her forever passion of food and farmers. 

In this episode, Jennifer shares with us her love of beekeeping, what initially drew her to the hive, and the passion + dedication that fuel her many projects stemming from this endeavor.

We discuss the different ways that bees support all of life on the planet, from pollination to products, and even the healing processes of bee venom therapy and hive-huffing (my own term for breathing in the air from honeybee hives).

Jennifer also speaks of her travels around the world, learning more about how to care for bees and the ecosystem, sharing stories with other beekeepers, and having the opportunities to be a part of tasting + judging numerous bee products, with all their nuanced aromas and flavors.

Connect with Jennifer and learn more about her offerings:

Instagram: @hanihoneycompany


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Jen Amabile is a best-selling author, Reiki practitioner, and a transformational life coach who is committed to empowering single women to heal from heartbreak, cultivate more self-love, and amplify their sense of self worth so that they can create the freedom in life that they desire, and attract love into all areas of their lives. Jen does this through private coaching, workshops, and in leading guided meditations. Jen has a master's degree in counseling from Montclair State University, a health coaching certificate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and a culinary diploma from the Institute of Culinary Education.

In this episode,Jen and I explore the depths of self love- what it means, why it's important, and how to cultivate it. She shares her thoughts on the value of making self-honoring choices, and taking the time to ask ourselves what it is that we need in each moment. 

Jen speaks to the stress that can arise from the programming or need to "be everything to everyone", and how in striving to meet this unattainable goal, it can often leave us feeling empty, or neglecting important aspects of ourselves. We talk a bit about how to be open to receiving and finding balance and flow in day-to-day life, the pillars of self love, healthy boundaries, and emotional self-sufficiency.

Connect with Jen and learn more about her offerings:

Instagram: @jenamabile


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Josh Fox has built a life around the healing powers of plants, people, and community. He weaves herbs, song, and acupuncture into his private healing practice, and writes music that uplifts the heart, honors his plant allies, and tickles the human spirit. With the same gentle, grounded nature he receives patients, he regularly holds group ceremony space around grief, heart-healing, and song-sharing.

In this episode, Josh shares his vision and practices for tending the village heart through remembering our humanness and offering grief rituals within his community. He speaks on the importance of having safe spaces for people to express their grief, and all of the emotions that can arise throughout this process.

Josh discusses his own grief initiation, and how he now views his role as a sort of apprentice to grief itself. He offers some ideas for different ways that people can enter into a conscious relationship with grief, and how to engage in a supportive and supported way by asking spirit for help.

Connect with Josh:



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Catherine Björksten is a holistic practitioner, specializing in supporting people who are going through a Spiritual Awakening. Her motto is integrated and embodied awakening. Following a career in marketing and advertising and becoming a mother of two, she went through a major
awakening herself, which led her to study psychotherapy, spiritual counseling, shamanism, and apprenticing with Indigenous leaders and mystical masters worldwide.

In this episode, Catherine discusses what it means to delve into the deep, dark corners of our psyche and to shine a light into our own innate world of shadows. We talk about the importance of shadow work + understanding the underworld journey we are currently navigating as a collective at this time, and how the willingness to do this inner work and face our own unhealed aspects of ourselves can ultimately bring great empowerment. 

Catherine also shares how shadow work and this "descent" is correlated with the feminine awakening and the symbolic womb space, and how this also relates to our connection with the earth.

Connect with Catherine:

Instagram: @akasha_awakening


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Join me for my first SOLO episode, where I'll be sharing some exciting news about upcoming offerings + changes, as well as some tips for supporting your mind, body, soul, and spirit through the upcoming shift in seasons. Whether you find yourself in the Northern hemisphere transitioning from summer to fall, or below the equator, moving on into spring, this episode has some great ideas to support your overall wellness throughout the journey!

In this episode I talk a little bit about the changes of seasons from both an Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view, and share some different practices such as grounding and meditation, along with foods to nourish your body and support you throughout the seasonal shifts. I also speak about taking care of the nasal passages and mucous membranes with neti + nasya, and the importance of finding a space for stillness within each day.

Want to learn more about what this may look like for your own personal energetics and constitution? Set up a one-on-one wellness consultation, where we'll have time to focus on you, and create some goals and intentions to serve you best! Find more info at

Also, save 15% sitewide this weekend ONLY, September 17-19, 2021, using code BIRTHDAY21.

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Bethany is an online business mentor for visionary women on a mission to positively impact the world. She mentors coaches, artists, healers, and yoga teachers to their next level of impact and prosperity. Bethany’s mission in life is to help intuitive women elevate success without losing their magic. She does this through human design, intuitive and intelligent business coaching, and (soon) sacred breathwork.

First and foremost, Bethany understands that you have unique medicine inside you that the world needs. Her contribution to this vision is in helping soulful women on a mission to become wildly successful through first healing themselves, and then alchemizing their healing journey into successful businesses.

In this episode, Bethany discusses the Human Design System, or what she aptly refers to as the blueprint of the soul. Bethany shares some of her story, including what events and realizations led her to aligning with her dharma and truly living her best life, while inspiring others to do the same.

Bethany shares with us the five different energy types, how we can work with the Human Design system to maximize our potential and understanding in relationships of all kinds, and she reminds us that healing doesn't have to be hard, and spirituality doesn't always have to be so serious!

Connect with Bethany:

Instagram: @bethanybubenzer


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Seán Pádraig O’Donoghue is an herbalist, writer, and teacher, and an initiated Priest in two traditions. He lives in the mountains of western Maine. Seán’s approach to healing weaves together the insights of traditional western herbalism and contemporary science. He regards physical, spiritual, and emotional healing as deeply intertwined.

In this episode, we discuss Seán’s incredible and insightful new book, The Forest Reminds Us Who We Are. He discusses his upbringing, feelings of not fitting in, and finding solace in the natural world. He shares how the plants first called to him, and how the relationships he has formed with nature have shaped and guided his journey through life.

Connect with Seán:

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Bob Linde and Renee Crozier Prince are the founders and main instructors of the Traditions School of Herbal Studies in St. Petersburg, Florida. Bob Linde is an Acupuncture Physician and Registered Herbalist with an MS in Oriental Medicine and BS in Education, and Renee Crozier Prince is a clinician, practicing community herbalism with a focus on cancer care. Fourth generation Floridian, her focus is on bioregional plant medicine as well as conservation and underserved communities. They are both amazing practitioners, and I highly recommend you check out their website for all their accolades + offerings!

In this episode of Sage + Spirit, Bob and Renee share their experiences working with and caring for animals of all kinds! From cats and dogs to snakes, birds, and fish, Bob and Renee are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to supporting the health and well-being of our animal friends.

This conversation covers an overview of herbal animal care, a glimpse into constitutional types + energetic concepts, natural feeding, and a beginning herbal materia medica. Some of the herbs discussed include burdock, oatstraw, Chinese Solomon's Seal, and TCM formula Yunnan Baiyao.

Connect with Bob + Renee:

Instagram: @traditionsherbschool

Facebook: Traditions Herb School

Websites: ,

Resources Mentioned: Four Paws, Five Directions by Cheryl Schwartz; The Complete Herbal Handbook for Farm and Stable by Juliette De Baïracli Levy

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Charley Castex is an acclaimed psychic, spiritual guide and author spotlighted by The New York Times, HuffPost, ABC and NBC news. Since 1995, Charley has guided tens of thousands across six continents, pairing his intuitive gift with his passion for empowering others to realize their spiritual potential. Charley resides in Asheville NC with his lovely wife Kathryn, his dream drum set and several gorgeous guitars.

In today's episode, Charley discusses his new book, Expand Your Spiritual Bandwidth. He talks about what this looks like in everyday life, and how we can find ways to live in joy, reverence, and "original bliss".

Connect with Charley:

Facebook: Charley Castex Guidance Lightline


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